All Things Tall

Downtown skyscraper in Chicago, IL. I love seeing all the high rises in the city. Lots of columns and vertical lines. Note the reflection of the other buildings in the windows of this beautiful building. Love the circular arched building next to it.


Arthur Revenel Jr. Bridge in Charleston SC

Arthur Revenel Jr. Bridge



Boone Hall Plantation – Charleston, SC

This barn near a lake was not near the house, but what an amazing structure it was. Seemed like a great place for weddings if the weather was warm enough. Fireplace inside, wood beams, and so on.

IMG_1237 (3)

Road that leads to the barn and towards the main entrance road of Boone Hall Plantation.


Road that leads into and out of Boone Hall Plantation grounds.


Path along the row of slave houses on Boone Hall Plantation.

IMG_1208 (2)