Purple Tulips in a Row

My sister and I took a few pictures on one of the tulip festival parade routes in Holland, MI before heading in out of the cold damp weather. There was an array of different colors of tulips down that whole street. I think the tree in the background across the street has purple blooming leaves on it. I love the one stand alone yellow tulip there.


RDP #7 – PURPLE – Ragtag Community



Water Reflections

This is a photo challenge from the Daily Post. You may view other photographs from the prompt reflections here.

This was taken at a forest preserve near our home. It appears like there is a mist or fog on the pond, but it is the reflection of the sky.


On one of my morning walks around an apartment complex close to home, I had the privilege of seeing a white heron walking around the pond. I was finally able to get a good picture of the bird. I think he was a bit shy.


We visited the Great Lakes area of MI. While walking alongside a river we arrived at Liberty Harbor. I was able to capture this photography of the boats and docks reflected in the water. It was peaceful sitting there and enjoying the quiet of the harbor.20160826_104548